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How letting the "Media Bias" pick Presidents - cost America $10 Trillion in debt.

Remembering the "Perot Event"
The Scam:
As the 92 election neared, the mantra went out across the land"
"A vote for Ross Perot is a wasted vote",
"Ross Perot can't win, don't waste your vote",
"Ross Perot the long-shot candidate", "Ross Perot has no chance of winning"
from newspapers, TV, radio - even the incumbent president.

Prior to the election, the final NBC-WSJ poll put Perot at 15%. Ross Perot lost the election with 19% of the vote.
According to exit polls, 35% of voters said they would have voted for Ross Perot if they thought he had a realistic
chance of winning. Translation - 16% of people who wanted to vote for Perot voted for someone else because of
media misinformation. They were told by the media that he can't win when in fact he could. The exit polls also indi-
cated that these Perot votes were evenly split between Clinton & Bush - taking equally from each.
Without the media mantra the outcome at a minimum would have likely been Clinton 35%, Bush 29,5, Perot 35%

Contemporary analysis reveals that Perot could have won the election if the polls prior to the election had shown
the candidate with a larger share, preventing the wasted vote mindset. The Polls incidentally that were done, were
done while the media was incessantly chanting Ross Perot is a wasted vote. Media Bias sways votes in polls just
as it does in the voting booth.

24% of Perot voters said they would have stayed home if Ross Perot wasn't on the ballot.
A similar number of the "Perot or nobody" voters stayed home because they bought the
mantra that he couldn't win.

So in the absence of spin, these "Perot or nobody" voters would have voted and Perot would have won. America
would have passed a Balanced Budget Amendment pronto while the National Debt was only 5 Trillion. Even with
the defeat, his focus on fiscal responsibility inspired the 1995 attempt at a balanced budget which passed the house
but lost in the senate by only 2 votes. Imagine the additional pressure that the Senate would have had if Perot had
won... - Yes voters buying into the media mantra "Ross Perot can't win" put us $10 Trillion dollars further in debt.,_1992

The evidence is clear. If polls that were done prior to the election were designed to filter out media bias, Ross Perot
would have been showing 35%+-, the Ross Perot supporters who stayed home because he couldn't win would have
voted, and Perot would have won the popular vote. This would have been so huge that a balanced Budget amendment
would have been passed quickly. Our national debt would be $10 Trillion lower. Remember the Ross Perot Event!

Fast forward to 2011 with Ron Paul.
His campaign happened to be the one that triggered my remembering the Perot Event. Once I became aware of this and
began to look into the 1992 election, I became a little "miffed" and wrote this article.

2011 - The mantra goes out across the land:
Ron Paul can't win
Ron Paul has 0 chance of winning.
There is a ceiling on Ron Paul's support.
Ron Paul's support may be deep but it is narrow.
Ron Paul appeals to a limited number of people.
I actually heard this one "Ron Pauls is ahead but will his supporters vote"?
If Ron Paul wins Iowa, Romney wins Iowa, if Romney wins Iowa, Romney wins Iowa
etc... ad nausium.

But it gets worse:
"In the Iowa Straw Poll, Bachmann came in First, Pawlenty moved up to Third".
Yes - lots of "Ignore him and he will go away".
Jon Stewart shows this best....

Click Here to watch the video.

Using the Perot percentages, half the people who want to vote for Paul might not be voting for Paul because of the media's mantra.
If the media disputes this impact, They can do a poll filtering for media bias and share.


Political writers get the content for thier "reporting" from party insiders. Party insiders have their punch
list of sound bites to feed to the media. Chat up candidates A and B, if the media asks you about candidate C
tell them he has no chance of winning. The party insiders wine & dine the media constantly feeding talking
points to the media. When those in the media report, they just regurgitate whatever they were told because
it is easy. Don't bother asking though induced questions like "So you say Ron Paul has no chance of winning
the nomination, last time I checked, he is doing very well and Iowans voting tendancies only vary 5%-10%
from the nation.

And with computers, it is so convenient for media spewers to just cut-and paste from the "election thoughts for today"
that the media gets from their party contacts.

The party spinners knows a few things.
Put a new face before the voters and there will be a temporary surge as
voters choose new & interesting over the same old. New becomes old in a month.
The whole "Flavor of the Month" is orchastrated to keep interest and rating. And there is always someone
new to talk about instead of the one they fear.
Half the voters will chose to not vote for their first choice candidate if the media
simply tell them "he can't win".  The media source for information on the campaign is the party.
The party spinners know that as gullible the voters are at buying their lies, the media personalities
are even more gullible - and start believing it themselves.
By combining these elements, the race can be entirely controlled.

- from Bill Stephenson, Wood County Public Defender.
This is nothing less than “Election Tampering” which is a felony offense. The big media and the GOP are trying hard to
tamper with the election results. They KNOW the average voter is ill-informed and too busy to do the research.
They KNOW the average voter is HEAVILY swayed by the idea of non-viability, or “he can’t win” and “don’t waste your vote.”
And they use this knowledge to destroy those who are standing in their way of appointing the new King.

Instead of poll numbers - driving the media,
We have spinners - driving media, media driving - poll numbers.

Not only is the mantra that Ron Paul can't win being used to change your vote,
but since even in the face of this vote halving mantra, Ron Paul is still doing very well - they have now added the mantra that
a vote for Ron Paul will render Iowa irrelevant as the early caucus state. Threatening Iowan's status as the 1st in the nation vote
- if they vote for Ron Paul. Quite pathetic.

What to listen & watch for
This tool "so-and-so can't win" is reserved for use only when a candidate actually can win.
We heard little of "Ralph Nader can't win" in 2008 - because he couldn't.
In the GOP primary, we hear little of "Buddy Roemer" has 0 chance of winning"...Why?

When you hear "so-and-so can"t win" - know that it is code for "this person threatens the status quo and could win"!

When you hear "so-and-so has ZERO chance of winning, they are saying in effect
"We lived very well off of the last 10 Trillion we dumped on you kids and want $10 Trillion more - Thank You"!

This is not about Ron Paul, this is about the voters choosing our next president and our future - not the media & elites.
Every 12-20 years the election becomes a 3 way race (92, 80, 68, 48, 24) 2012 is 20 years - the public is ready to
look at an alternative. There is a good chance that an Independent/Third Party Candidate will challenge the status quo.

Who knows who might want to run outside of the 2 parties in 2012, think of the person that you would most like to see
run for President. The likelyhood of someone wanting to run is greatly diminished due to the math involved in fighting
media bias. If someone wants to run with media bias hanging over the campaign, a candidate who 60% of the voters
liked might loose because of the unrelenting spin.

America need to send a clear message to the media & elites:

I haven't heard "Vote for Ron Paul and we will stop broadcasting in Iowa" yet....

What you the voter can do.
Share the message with friends and family.

Tell yourself everytime you hear one of the above phrases "Looks like we have a candidate that will actually bring real
change to America". Then decide if you want it.

Call out the media every time they pull this stunt. Send letters to the editor, call them, email them, heck - Occupy them!

Post comments to biased reporting letting people know that this bs has MASSIVE consequences.
On sites reporting Poll results, remind people that with media bias filtered out, Ron Paul is doing almost twice as good
and the others drop. link to this site so that it can go viral.

When you vote, vote your heart NOT the media.

Help the message to go viral. Knowledge is POWER! Share it. Share the link : VoteYourHeart.US
Use the internet to very, aggressively pound home the idea that the media and the elite establishment are dastardly
attempting to manipulate the votes of the American People.

Example message:

This is nothing less than “Election Tampering” which is a felony offense.
We the voters are perfectly capable of determining winners and loosers without your Bias.
You know that drawing conclusions about a candidates electability affects
how and whether people vote - both in the Polls and in the VOTING BOOTH. Please cease and desist!
It is fully in your power to report on candidates in an objective fashon - please start NOW.
See VoteYourHeart.US to learn more.

If this idea gains traction at the grassroots, the American People will let the Media know LOUD & CLEAR to
knock it off. Who knows, the concept of attempting to be unbiased & fair may actually show up in some media
enterprises. (at least until we the people forget). Eternal Vigilance is required for us to take back the vote.

Spread the word and educate those you come in contact with.

Why this is the right thing to do
Elections must have Integrity.
The American People through vigillance can take back our election process!

P.S. A little heads up. Once the "Wasted Vote" gig no longer works, watch out for the next tacktic in their bag of tricks:
The Smear Campaign.

America - Don't get fooled again! Win or loose, it is the Peoples choice.

credit to: Edward Howard - Toledo, Ohio for the original